Become a bag lady(guy)

Has this ever happened to you?  You walk into a grocery store for a few items, grab a shopping cart and walk out with a cart full of items.  I realize this is an exercise in self-control.  I will readily admit that I find all sorts of stuff that I don’t need or didn’t intend to buy.  So I have a plan for dealing with this.

When I plan to buy just a few items I enter the store with one or two of my reusable shopping bags.  My rule is that I have to use the bags to carry my items.  I can carry things in my hands and the bags but if I can’t carry it, then I can’t buy it.  I love to troll the aisles for bargains which means I usually walk out with many more items and spend way more money than I intended.  It’s a lot harder to do that when you have to carry everything.

If I’m going to do a week’s worth of shopping I’ll grab a cart, but if I really only need to pick up a few things then I become a bag lady.  Try it, you might save some money.


The Price is Rite

Back in October I blogged about Aldi’s.  Another low priced, value grocery store found in the Rochester area is PriceRite.  PriceRite is currently only located in the northeastern part of the US so you may not find it in your part of the US. We are lucky to have three PriceRite stores in Rochester.

My favorite thing about PriceRite is its selection of fruits and vegetables. PriceRite stores are about 2-3 times the size of Aldi, but far smaller than a grocery superstore.  PriceRite’s produce departments are fairly big.  Aldi’s carries a limited selection of produce items and it is hit and miss when I find fruits or vegetables that are high on quality.  PriceRite’s produce department is wonderfully laid out and full of both common and unusual items.  It’s not quite on par with Wegman’s produce section, but it’s close.  What makes it better than Wegmans are the prices.  The prices can vary from day to day and week to week but I just bought some red peppers at PriceRite for $1.29/lb, while they are $2.99/lb at Wegman’s.  Up until the holidays I was regularly buying pomegranates for 2/$3.  (They don’t seem to be stocking them now.)  The quality of the fruits and vegetables at PriceRite is much better than Aldi’s.  I usually stop in weekly at PriceRite to stock up on produce.

Unlike Aldi, PriceRite also stocks name brand items.  PriceRite has a large selection of Hispanic and Italian foods. I usually peruse the aisles for any new items or bargains.  Some of my favorite finds at PriceRite, beyond the ones I’ve mentioned, are:

  • Friendly’s Ice Cream (1.5 qt)  – 2/$5
  • Frozen skillet meals with shrimp (24 oz) – $2.99
  • Sliced pepper jack cheese (1 lb.) – $3.49
  • Minute Maid Lemonade/Limeade (1/2 gal) – $.99
  • Turkey Hill Lemonade/Limeade (1/2 gal) – $1.49
  • LaYogurt yogurt (6 oz.) – 3/$1
  • Orange juice (1 gal) – $2.29
  • Frozen chicken strips (2 lb.) – $3.99
  • Whole pork loin – $.99/lb (during the holidays)
  • Mangoes – $.69

To keep costs low, PriceRite does not supply bags, however you can purchase them in the store but you will need to bag your own items.  They do not accept manufacturer’s coupons but they do accept credit cards, unlike Aldi.

PriceRite rarely runs sales, so flyers are infrequent.  Luckily there is a PriceRite next to my gym so I can stop in after my workout to pick up a few staples.

I like to visit all three: Wegman’s, Aldi, PriceRite, because they all have their advantages.  Which grocery store do you prefer?