My name is Michele Heine.  I am a previously unemployed mom who is trying to declutter her life while getting some payback for all of the items I’ve accumulated over the years.  I am using this blog to offer tips on what I’ve learned in the hopes that other people can benefit.

I started selling items years ago, long before I lost my job, as a means of stretching my dollar.  Many of my friends and family look to me for advice or help when selling items.  In 2008 I became aware of online trading sites and started swapping items mid-year.   I netted $2400+ for stuff I sold in 2009 on top of 110+ trades I made!

I will cover multiple methods including garage sales, selling things locally outside of a garage sale, selling items online and swapping items online since these are all topics I have familiarity with.

I will also share tips on saving money.  One way to maximize the money you do have is to not spend as much.  I’m known among my friends and family as a master bargain shopper.

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  1. I bookmarked you. You answered two of my questions I had done a search for. One was about Price Rite and Aldies..who is better. I will be going to Price Rite today. Also am pleased to see how much you made by selling items. I have listings on Craig’s list. Hope to sell one item soon. Sold my car in one day last year. Thanks for you good work. Diana

    • Diana,

      Glad I was able to provide valauable information for you. I’m curious to hear what you think about Price Rite after your visit. Both stores have their strengths but Price Rite has the wider breadth of products and their produce selection is awesome.

      Glad to hear you’ve had some good experiences with Craigslist. In 2009, when I was mostly unemployed, I was able to net $2400 selling items (mostly kids clothes and toys) that were mostly used. The extra dollars came in handy. I haven’t had as much time to do selling this year and I don’t have as many items to pick from to sell since I’ve cut way back on my spending.


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