An update

I know I fell off the face of my blog about six months ago.  After 5+ years of weekly posts I needed a break and decided to take the summer off and then when the fall arrived I still wasn’t ready to get back into the swing of things.

With some thoughtful consideration of what I was willing to do, I decided to start a new blog for the new year.  Back in 2008 I made a new year’s resolution to try and take at least one picture per day for the entire year.  It’s harder than you think.  I managed to take pictures for about 300 days that year.  I posted them in an online photo album and shared with friends and family.

I’ve decided to resurrect the challenge in 2015 but post the pictures to a new blog I’ve started.  I hope you’ll take time to stop over and check it out.  I’m not sure if I’ll add any more posts to this blog, but once in a while I might have something I want to share with you.


One thought on “An update

  1. Hi Michele – are you going post the 2015 WNY Concerts like you did last year. That was so awesome to have everything at my finger tips. Thanks

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