Emergency garage sale

A couple of months ago I got a flyer saying there was going to be a neighborhood garage sale in June.  At first I was excited because a neighborhood sale offers the best opportunity to make money since it will draw a bigger audience than a normal sale.  But then I realized I wasn’t going be able to participate because a) my boss was on vacation that week so I couldn’t take time off and b) my husband had completely taken over the garage because of a few projects he was working on.  So I resigned myself to missing out.

The sale was scheduled for this past Friday and Saturday.  I was working from home Friday and saw all the buyers I was missing out on drive  by and said something to my husband.  He turned around and said, well let’s have a sale on Saturday.  At first I thought he was nuts, but then I thought about it a bit and figured it wouldn’t hurt to make a go for it.  So around 2pm Friday we decided to have a garage sale at 8am Saturday.  I also had plans for Friday night.  My husband immediately set about cleaning out a third of the garage for me while I finished working.

As soon as I was done working, I started getting out the boxes of items I’d been sticking it in the attic in anticipation of the next sale.   I started pricing and organizing items as best I could.  I also started looking around the house for other items I could possibly sell.  I worked up until it was time to go see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.  When I returned home at 11 I started moving things out to garage, finally heading to bed at 1am.

The next morning I got up early and started setting up shop.  We were able to open at 8am.  But since this was day 2 for the neighborhood sale,  things started out slow.  I only made one $3 sale in the first hour.  I told myself I’d be happy with selling $50 worth of stuff.  Eventually traffic picked up and my husband kept bringing out more items to sell.  We finally got rid of the basketball hoop (for $10 since it needed a new net and was not in the best of shape) and a gas weed whacker.  I was happiest to sell my son’s entire collection of Mega Bloks Dragons (about 12 sets) so we could get them out of the house and my son could earn a bit of cash.

In the end, we did much better than I anticipated.  We brought in just under $250 and got rid of some items.  When it was over, much of the leftovers went back into totes for the next sale, and the rest went to Goodwill.  By Saturday dinnertime  I had cleaned everything out of the garage so my husband could change the oil on Sunday.

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