Free and cheaper 2014 WNY Concerts

I was excited to see that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was coming to the Rochester International Jazz Festival this month and even happier to find out it was one of the free concerts.  This got me working on my annual list of free and almost free summer concerts.  It took me a while to get it all together. Some venues are no longer around (Lockport Canal Concert series) but there are new ones to replace it.  Another trend is the slowly rising cost of these events, not surprising given the improvement in the economy.  The 8 page compilation is evenly split between Buffalo-Niagara area and Rochester.  Enjoy and let me know of any events I’m missing.

2014 WNY Concerts v4.0

Note: the version posted here matches the file referenced elsewhere in this blog.



2 thoughts on “Free and cheaper 2014 WNY Concerts

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