Busk a move

I’m a huge fan of the City newspaper, and try to pick a copy up whenever I’m out and about.  You can find them in many of the grocery stores, coffee shops and other local venues. You can also get an email notification when a new version is posted online, but I prefer to browse the paper in hardcopy format.

I like to read in City about upcoming events and also enjoy reading the restaurant reviews.  Once in a while I’ll come across an event I’m interested in. The trick is getting a hold of a copy of the paper and finding out about an event in time for me to gather some friends to go see an act or concert.  Last year I saw ads  for the City sponsored 4th annual Best Busker Contest. It was the first time I’d heard of it and when trying to recruit people to go with me I had to describe what a busker is: a street performer.  I managed to get a bunch of people to go and we had a blast.

The Best Busker Contest involves listening to various performers along the East End (most of them are on East Ave.) and voting for your favorites with the guitar picks you can pick up at the City tent. There are also special deals being offered  by various merchants in the area.  Last year we had awesome Mac and Cheese Cups ($1) and sliders ($3) at Ludwig’s Center Stage Cafe (they’re offering the same deal this year). We also stopped for a drink at The Old Toad.

If you’re going to go this year, I recommend getting there early to get something to eat.  The food and merchant specials run 5-9pm, but the performances only run 6-8pm.  Last year we got there at six and were a little pressed to listen to all the acts and fit in time to eat and drink.  There were a variety of instruments being played: guitars, fiddle, banjos, accordian, piano.  It was great to get outside, listen to some local performers and explore the East End. Make plans now to bring your friends downtown on May 1.

Here are some pics from last year’s contest…

P1000171 P1000174P1000163P1000161  P1000158




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