Renew or drop?

I’ve been a Democrat and Chronicle subscriber for as long as I can remember.  These days I only receive the Saturday and Sunday papers because I don’t have the time to read more than that.

In the fall, the paper expanded their coverage by including content from sister publication USA Today and increasing the level of state news.  Around the same time the D&C launched a digital version of the paper.  With their Kindle app I can download the full paper for off-line reading.  I don’t do it a lot, but I like the capability.

Last week I received a letter from the paper informing me the price of my weekend subscription was being increased from $13/month to $17.80/month, a 37% increase.  My husband and I have been debating whether or not we want to keep our subscription.

I enjoy reading the paper, both print and digital.  If I drop my subscription I could just buy the Sunday paper at the store for $3 ($12/month). It comes down to whether or not I’m willing to pay an extra $6/month ($72 per year) for the convenience of having the paper delivered to my door on the weekends and having access to the digital version.  I also realize that if others think like me, it could be the demise of the newspaper, which I would hate to see.

My husband doesn’t really care for the paper and is voting to drop it.  I’m not convinced yet.  Should I renew or drop?


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