Making the right choices

Sony_Betamax_SL-HF150_1You win some, you lose some.  For me the wrong choices were the Betamax machine and HD disc drive for the Xbox.  In both cases, the technology was trumped by a competing (in my mind inferior) format.  But xbox_hddvd_0that’s the nature of evolving applications.

No one wants to make the wrong decision but sometimes it happens, so I thought this NY Times article written by Farhad Manjoo was interesting and helpful. How to Survive the Next Wave of Technology Extinction offers some practical advice for staying on the right track.

What obsolete technology did you invest in?  Do you agree with Manjoo’s advice?


2 thoughts on “Making the right choices

  1. Interesting article, Michele!
    In our household, we have the “Tassimo” coffee machine/service (as opposed to Keurig).
    When folks say, “What’s that?”… I tell them its the BetaMax of coffee makers 😉

    Now all of the local grocers carry dozens of Keurig selections, and (when lucky) 3-4 Tassimo choices.
    Live and learn, but the article you’ve linked makes a good point, in that the feature set that originally influenced our choice (T makes espresso, K does not) is still a factor.
    This becomes relevant as we get ready to replace the machine and have to consider following the herd versus keeping the features we originally wanted.

    Thanks for pointing at this, as it affects more of our choices than we really consider!


    • LOL Dave, it does sound like you have the Betamax of coffeemakers. We chose to go with Betamax because it had the better image quality. Who knew that people wouldn’t want the best IQ they could get? We bought the HD drive for the XBox because that was the only high def option available (no BluRay) and it was dropped soon after. We can’t always make the right decisions but it would be nice to do it most of the time.

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