You really, really should consider pre-paid

A few years ago I wrote about how the options for prepaid cellular service had increased and people should seriously consider it as an option when  renewing cellphone contracts. My cellphone technology has always lagged the majority because I never felt the cost was justified for the little I would use it.


ZTE Valet Z665C

Over the holidays I finally upgraded to a “real” cellphone, a ZTE Valet Android phone.  Tracfone added a number of Android phones to their lineup last fall.  My husband, who’d been wanting to check out an Android device bought one first and talked me into upgrading.  When Target featured the phone for $70 (normally $100) I decided to go for it.

Some key selling points to me were:

  • This phone comes with triple minutes, meaning every minute I buy gets tripled.
  • My husband added this phone to his family value plan and we pay $6 + taxes per month to add 40 talk minutes/40 texts/40Mb data, which is tripled to 120 minutes/120 texts/120Mb data.
  • I was able to roll over my phone number and my existing 1000+ minutes I had onto the new phone
  • The phone works under WiFi so I can avoid using any of my data allotment when I’m connected at home or when I’m at Kohls or Starbucks.  I’ve yet to use any of my data since I’ve had the phone.

With the family value plan, my husband pays $10 per month for his service and then $6 each for myself, my son and daughter.  With taxes we pay about $30 per month for all four of us to have cellphone service.  My daughter, the biggest texter, uses her iPod over WiFi for most of her texting at zero cost. Overall we’re not heavy cellphone users so this plan fits us perfectly.

When was the last time you checked the options for prepaid? There might be a perfect plan out there for you.

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