The value of connections

This past week I was contacted by someone I know, asking if I’d be willing to talk to one of their connections (I’ll call him Isaac) regarding the company I work for.  I’m guessing Isaac used LinkedIn to figure out who he knew who had connections at my company.  Having been unemployed for almost a year myself, I remember the angst of looking for a job, which is why I never turn down a request for information.

It turns out Isaac had applied for a Project Manager position at my employer based on a listing he found on the internet.  Isaac was looking for any information I might have about the position or hiring manager.  I actually knew the hiring manager and also knew something about the position.  While I didn’t feel comfortable giving Isaac the hiring manager’s contact info, I did offer to talk to the manager to find out the status of Isaac’s application.

I forwarded Isaac’s resume and cover letter to the manager, who responded she didn’t currently have an opening, which is why she never received a copy of Isaac’s application from HR.  She did say she’d hold onto Isaac’s resume for future reference.  I did find the position listed on Indeed, but it is no longer posted on our company’s career page.

I felt bad about delivering the news to Isaac (the same day he and I first talked), but I did feel good he didn’t have to sit around wondering what was happening to his application.  Sometimes it’s better to know a position is dead rather than being left hanging indefinitely.


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