Doing the right thing

Last week western New York got hit by a nasty winter storm, a polar vortex.  Temperatures on Tuesday were supposed to be near zero, with gusts expected to take the wind chill down to the negative twenties.  For this reason, many school districts made the decision Monday, to cancel school Tuesday.

polarvortexWhat surprised me was the email I received Monday night from the local Plato’s Closet, informing me that due to the impending bad weather they would be closing all three Rochester stores on Tuesday in order to be sure their employees were safe.

I was amazed and impressed the management of the store had the foresight to make the call early and notify employees and customers of their intention.  Management demonstrated how they value their employees when they decided it was not worth the risk for the minimal number of shoppers that would likely show up on such a day.

I realize not all businesses are in a position to make such a call, either because of the size of the business, the type of merchandise they carry (a grocery or pharmacy would want to stay open for their customers) or the negative impact to business such a closing could entail (not all small businesses can afford to lose a day of business), but I’d like to applaud the management for doing the right thing and letting people know of their intentions.  With that move, Plato’s Closet has risen in my esteem.

What do you think? Was it a smart move to close the store knowing a blizzard was on the way? Do you know of other businesses that made the call to close?


3 thoughts on “Doing the right thing

  1. Here is a different view of the notification. If this message was on TV as well then it could be considered free advertising as well.

  2. Nice to know. Looks like folks actually think over there! Free advertising? Perhaps. Good thought. But that would’ve been an after-thought, I certain!

    Happy Saving New Years to you, Michele & all U readers!

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