Show your thanks

I usually like to spend some time during the Thanksgiving week considering how fortunate I am and count my blessings.  While my life is not perfect (whose is?) I know I have it so much better than others do.

There are so many people who have been devastated by earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes in recent years.  Every day I read about people victimized by crime and domestic violence.  There are the millions of people who have been unemployed for too long (I was once one of them).  And there are the friends and family dealing with major health issues.

Compared to what those people are going through I have it easy, which is why I’d like to share my fortune by donating on Roc the Day, December 11.

RocTheDayRoc the Day, organized by the United Way, makes it easy for people to support a number of not-for-profits at once.  This year they’ve also made (re)gift cards available which allows the recipient to donate the the card’s value to one of the Roc the Day registered organizations.

Reflect on what you’re thankful for this year and consider sharing some of your fortune with others in need.


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