Reward those who recognize veterans

Today, Veteran’s Day 2013, is just about over and so are most of the discounts being offered.  Like many other US holidays, Veteran’s Day has turned into an opportunity for retailers and businesses to offer sales and promote spending.

I don’t understand why the public benefits from this special day, when the focus really should be on the veterans and active duty military personnel.  There are many people who made great sacrifices serving our country and they deserve to be recognized, and not just on Veteran’s Day.

So while I’m sure veterans appreciate the additional discounts they qualify for today, it would be better if companies would extend their discounts year round like some businesses have.  Lowes offers a regular 10% military discount to active duty military members and Retired Veterans, or VA Recipients.  Lonestar Steakhouses offer all veterans and active duty personnel a 20% discount every Monday, and 10% off every other day.  Old Navy offers a 10% discount on Mondays with your Military ID.  For an extensive list of companies offering discounts, see the Military website.

My opinions of companies like Lonestar, Lowes and Old Navy have improved because they demonstrate their appreciation year round. More companies should follow suit, offering regular discounts, which would enhance their reputation. Support the businesses who support the military to do your part.



2 thoughts on “Reward those who recognize veterans

  1. I don’t think veterans are really looking for recognition in terms of shopping/retail discounts; that is a nice gesture but really they need life skill support when they return home in terms of looking for jobs, mental health support, advice on home loans and other serious matters…

    • I agree Ginny that the things you mention are more important for those veterans who need them. My 82-year-old father is a veteran but never fought in a war. He loves the perks he gets on Veterans Day.

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