250 and still going

Last week’s post was my 250th!  And it’s been about a year since I celebrated my 200th post. Time has flown since I wrote my first post back in May of 2009.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it.  My initial goal was to post weekly and I have managed to keep to that frequency, for the most part.


The original goal of my blogging was to share my knowledge about selling and swapping to allow people to maximize the amount of money they earned for items they were getting rid of.  Over time my blog has evolved, covering other topics such as cheap local entertainment, commentary on national companies I’ve been impacted by (Netflix, Penneys, Blockbuster, Microsoft), causes I believe in (volunteering, donating blood) and personal experiences I think others can benefit from.

I average about 1300 hits a month, with more than 80,000 total.  The numbers tell me I can’t be doing something too wrong.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed going along for the ride and will continue to travel with me. Thanks for all your comments and support.


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