Time to turn ’em around and inside out

This October has been beautiful and warmer than normal, so I delayed putting away my summer clothes and getting out the winter ones.  After seeing this week’s weather forecast I decided it was finally time to start turning things around and putting them inside out.

I’d actually already put away a tote full of clothes I knew I wasn’t going to wear again until next year.  With the nice weather last week I’d made a point of wearing some lightweight clothes I hadn’t had a chance to wear earlier.   There were more clothes I hadn’t worn than I had expected. Since I changed my schedule this summer, working from home two days a week, I wasn’t wearing as many of my “career” clothes.

backwardsAs I put items away, I did pull a few pieces out, because either they didn’t really fit or had fallen out of favor.  They’ll get offered to my sisters and nieces, and then either get listed with other clothing on Craigslist or get donated.  There were some items that I wasn’t quite ready to get rid of but never wore.  Those items got turned inside out and put away as a reminder for next spring that they’re potentially on the chopping block.  There were still a few pieces of clothing I wasn’t ready to give up yet, even though they were inside out and backwards (a sign they hadn’t been worn for at least 2 years).  All the year round clothing in my closet has already been turned around so I can start the process again.

As I sort through the totes of fall and winter clothes, I’ll assess whether items should even return to my wardrobe. If they do, they’ll be hung up backwards or placed inside out in drawers and then we’ll see in the spring which ones I never wore.


3 thoughts on “Time to turn ’em around and inside out

  1. As a professional organizer who specializes in helping clients to de-clutter I was excited to see your article Michele! Great advice and inspiration to anyone who owns clothes. 🙂

    Many people will hold onto pieces of clothing for years without wearing them because of the fear of needing it “some day” or perhaps out of guilt over the amount of money spent on the item. Clothing go out of style, our personal taste changes and we outgrow items, which is yet another reason people tend to keep items, the old “I’ll wear it once I lose weight” reasoning. If you end up losing weight wouldn’t you want to reward yourself by getting something new?
    One question to ask yourself while determining what to keep is: How does this outfit make me feel? My advice – keep only what you truly NEED, USE or LOVE.

    • Yve, thanks for the advice on how to look at those pieces I haven’t worn….NEED, USE or LOVE. I’ll take that into consideration as I pull out my winter clothes.

      • Great Michele! You know that is my mantra when de-cluttering anything in your home…if you don’t need it, use it or love it then let it go!

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