eBook bargains

For all the books I read, I very rarely buy books new, because of how expensive they are.  Most of the paperback and hardback books I read have come from a garage sale where I pick them up for $1 or less.  At the end of the Ronald McDonald Household Sale  last October I was able to pick up a box of ~20 books for $3 .  Most of them I’d never heard of but figured I couldn’t go wrong for 15 cents each and have really enjoyed most of the ones I’ve read.  I also get books loaned to me by friends.

When I’m looking for a specific book, I’ll first check if my local library has it available for download in either eBook or audiobook format.  The eBooks seem to be especially popular and many of them are already checked out. If the library doesn’t have them, then I’ll check Paperback Swap, and add it to PBSwap wishlist if they don’t have it.

Options for buying free and cheap eBooks for my Kindle Fire are limited.  I did sign up for Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals email which has links to their deals page where I can check out eBooks that are priced anywhere from $0-3.99 but I find it too time consuming to go through all the books they feature each day.

bookbubI recently came across a site that will send you a daily list of free and cheap eBooks for your desired reading platform.  BookBub lets you specify which genres and reading platforms you’re interested in.  The daily emails contain a short description of each of the books, as well as info about how readers rate them and a link to purchase it.  Each email features 4-6 eBooks, ranging in price from free to $2.99.  I have purchased a half dozen books in the 3 weeks I’ve subscribed, all but one free.

BookBub supports a number of eBook formats from multiple sources, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Smashwords.  If you have an iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony or Kobo e-reader, you’ll want to sign up.

Of course you don’t need a tablet or e-reader to read an eBook.  Amazon has free apps that allow you to read Kindle eBooks on your PC (Mac or Windows), tablet or smart phone.  Barnes & Noble offers their Nook Reading & Viewing apps for viewing Nook books and video on non-Nook devices.  So there’s no excuse for not picking up some free eBooks.


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