Saving on expensive electronics

Want to save money on some expensive electronics? I’m not talking about cell phones, tablets or laptops.  I’m talking about Texas Instrument calculators that most high schoolers need for math.

Back in 2009 I blogged about how I saved money buying one of those expensive calculators for my son.  My intent was to use that calculator for my daughter when she entered high school. Unfortunately, last year when she was a freshman and my son was a senior, they both needed one, so I was forced to procure another one.  My recommended method worked again and I was able to buy a second one for around $50.

About six weeks before the end of the school year, my son lost his TI-83+ (he accidentally left it in class and when he went back it was gone).  Because he needed it for the final exam and his sister was still using hers, I was forced to find another one and I had no intention of paying full price if I could help it. Happily, my method worked once again and I bought it only a few days after my son misplaced his, and it only cost me $45.  (I was willing to pay up to $60 if I had to.)TI-83

About a week after getting his new calculator, my son discovered his old calculator, which had been put away with the classroom calculators, so now he had two calculators (and we had three altogether).

I am going to keep one of his calculators as a back up for my daughter and sell the other one on Craigslist, which should allow me to get most of my money back.  When my daughter is done with hers, I will do the same with the other two and expect those 3 calculators will end up costing me ~$30 over seven years.  Much better than $200 for two calculators.


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