Saving on text

My son is getting ready to start classes at Monroe Community College in a few weeks, so we’re in the process of getting his textbooks at the cheapest price possible.

textbooksI found the website which told me to go to for one book and Amazon for another.  I had previously purchased a new textbook from an Amazon Marketplace seller and it arrived quickly.  I know that if I spend $25 at Amazon I can qualify for Super Saver Shipping on most items.  Unfortunately, the book I was ordering was only around $19 and there was nothing else I really needed that would bring my cart up to the $25 threshold.

At that point I was presented with a promotion that offered Amazon Prime free to students for 6 months, followed by a $39 annual fee (half the normal $79 fee).  With an Amazon Prime membership we qualified for free 2 day shipping, as well as a few other benefits.  I figured I had nothing to lose getting my son to sign up for his own student Amazon account. Since my son doesn’t have a credit card, we used one of mine to make the purchase.  I see myself placing orders using my son’s account so we can take advantage of the Prime benefits and we should also be able to use it to purchase books for his second semester.  After that, we’ll make a decision on whether to continue with the annual fee or cancel the account.

While not all books were offered cheaper on Amazon, I feel good that we saved some money.  I will also consider selling any used books back to Amazon or the MCC bookstore to help recoup some of our cost.  We need to save money wherever we can now that we have a child in college.


2 thoughts on “Saving on text

  1. Hello. Are you and your son living in the same address that is on your credit card billing address? I’m trying to put my credit card on my daughter’s new student student prime account and amazon doesn’t seem to allow it. My daughter in college in No. Calif and I am in So. Cal which is my credit card billing address. My daughter’s amazon prime shipping address is her college, so shipping and billing address are different. I can’t seem to find the answer on the net.

    • Yes, my son still lives at home. I did put one of my credit cards on my son’s Prime account since he doesn’t have a credit card. It’s a different card than I have on my own Amazon account. Did you try contacting Amazon’s customer service?

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