Back to School Shopping

Before you know it the kids will be back in school, and that means shopping for school supplies and clothing. My kids both have August birthdays and when they had parties when they were younger, my goodie bags were always full of inexpensive school supplies. Over the years I’ve stocked up on bargain-priced supplies from Staples, Office Max and other retailers, so much that I’m not actually buying any supplies this year, unless they’re dirt cheap (25 cents or less).  I figure that even if my kids never use all those supplies I can always donate the items.

When it comes to school clothing, I’ve tried to push my daughter to buy second hand.  I know how fickle her tastes can be so the last thing I want to do is spend good money on something she’ll wear for six months before deciding it’s passe.  My recommendations in this post on second hand shopping still stand, with Plato’s Closet a great place to start shopping for teens.  Register for emails from your favorite stores and they’ll notify you of upcoming sales and send you coupons.

There’s lots of ways to save this school shopping season.  You just need to do your homework.

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