Free movie summer

Beginning in July, you can see free movies in the Rochester area three nights a week, thanks to Monroe County and the town of Chili.  All movies start at dusk. It’s like going to the drive-in without the cost or the long drive.







9-Jul Tuesday Jaws PG Ontario Beach Park
11-Jul Thursday The Lorax PG Highland Park Bowl
12-Jul Friday The Lorax PG Union Station Park
16-Jul Tuesday Amazing Spider-Man PG-13 Ontario Beach Park
18-Jul Thursday Ghostbusters PG Highland Park Bowl
19-Jul Friday Space Jam PG Union Station Park
23-Jul Tuesday Skyfall PG-13 Ontario Beach Park
25-Jul Thursday Madagascar 3 PG Highland Park Bowl
26-Jul Friday Wreck It Ralph PG Union Station Park
30-Jul Tuesday Hunger Games PG-13 Ontario Beach Park
1-Aug Thursday Les Miserables PG-13 Highland Park Bowl
2-Aug Friday Free Willy PG Union Station Park
9-Aug Friday Rise of the Guardians PG Union Station Park

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