Planning a shoestring grad party

My son is graduating from high school this month and it’s a big accomplishment we want to celebrate.  We’re planning a small gathering of close friends and family at the end of July.  In keeping with our belief in spending money smartly, my husband and I are planning the party and looking at where we can cut costs.

We already took a trip to the Dollar Tree (you’d be amazed what you can find there)  where I was able to stock up on graduation plates, napkins and decorations.  I plan on picking up a case or two of bottled water (something I usually don’t buy but will splurge on for the party) and we’ll probably get balloons there on the day of the event.  I picked up extra plates and cups at Aldi  and  l will stock up on snack foods closer to the party.  Aldi has an awesome selection of chips, crackers, salsa, dip, etc, which I’ll stock up on closer to the party.  We’ll take advantage of our BJ’s membership to get some prepared barbeque pork as well as a cake.   We’ll also serve hot dogs and hamburgers for those people who don’t like pork. Any offers by others to contribute food to the event will be gratefully accepted. I even made up the invites and printed them myself.


This party will be relatively low key compared to other grad parties I’ve heard about.  It’s about celebrating a big accomplishment, not how much money we can spend to show how proud we are of our son.  We want to send the right message to him as he enters the next phase of his life.



One thought on “Planning a shoestring grad party

  1. Sounds like a great plan and party! Congratulations to you and your husband on your son’s graduation; sounds like you’re teaching him good lessons by example, too. Enjoy!

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