Down with the prom

My son chose not to go to the Senior Ball this past weekend and I’m happy about it. He’s not one to do things just because other kids are.  In fact he’s already decided that he doesn’t want to attend his high school graduation ceremony and I’m also good with that.  I attended five growing up (mine and my four siblings’) and don’t feel a pressing need to attend this one if my son has no interest.  He went to the Lilac Festival with friends and then bowling instead of the Ball.

I think the whole prom thing has gotten out of control the past few years.  I read recently the average spend to go to prom was over $1100!   That’s crazy.  I’m sure some people put themselves in debt to give their kids a great prom experience, but I think that sends the wrong message to these  young adults.  We need to teach them responsible spending as they get ready to go out on their own in the world. I can’t even imagine what people are buying that costs $1100.

This coming weekend my 9th grade daughter is going to the Freshman Formal which is being held at the school .  The $17 ticket pays for dinner and music, and is a much better deal than the $65 for the Senior Ball held at a downtown hotel.  The dress code for the Formal is a dress or skirt for girls and button down shirt or polo and a nice pair of pants for boys.  The intent is for the kids to wear clothes they already own and not require anyone to go shopping. I appreciate the approach the school administration is taking with the freshman dance.

I’m pushing to down prom spending.  Who’s with me?


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