Another one bites the dust

About a month ago I was notified (formerly Swaptree) was changing it’s business model.  Swap was one of the sites I had success trading on over the past few years and had been recommending to others.

I discovered the site at the end of 2008 and started swapping in 2009.  That year I made 60 Swap trades involving CDs, video games, books and DVDs.  I was unemployed for most of the year and got in the mood to start de-cluttering,so I had lots of items to trade. In 2012 the site introduced the concept of a Market Swap, which was intended to connect people located near each other to make swaps of any items, not just the typical media.  I actually ended up making 20 swaps that year, including like toys and clothes but never with anyone local.  I was approached by people in other parts of the country to trade for items and we agreed to ship our items to each other.  I even sold a few items instead of swapping for them.

Things started to change last year. There was an email saying the Market Swap was being eliminated.  Last fall I got a notice the Swap site had been sold to a Finnish swapping company.  My activity on the site had seemed to really tail off.  Swap introduced the concept of Valet Service for kids items: you send your items to Swap and they take pictures of the items and post them on the site. You can then swap or sell your items.  This model didn’t appeal to me since I didn’t have much kids stuff.


The nail in the coffin for me was when Swap announced last month they would be moving exclusively to the Valet Service model.  You’re now required to ship all your items to Swap and they will photograph them, post them and store them (for up to 60 days) for you. They’ll also charge you a commission for every sale you make.  You need to pay for shipping for any items you buy or get in a swap, unless you acquire $50 ore more in merchandise. You can see the fee details on their site.

This model holds no appeal for me. I maximize my opportunities by listing my items on multiple sites. I have no desire to tie up my items on a single site, and one which I’ve had limited success with lately.   I won’t be recommending this site any longer.


5 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. I also used to love Swaptree and even was OK when they changed to Swap, but this latest change is the last straw: no more media trading! FYI – there is a new not-for-profit site trying to get up and running to replace it:

    • Rich, Freecycle is great if you just want to get rid of something but I’m always looking to get something out of items that still have value.

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