A silver lining in bad service

Did you miss my post from last week?  I left for vacation 1.5 weeks ago and had actually written my post with the intention to hop on my blog and post it while I was out of town.  Unfortunately things did not go according to plan.

We stayed at two different hotels while we were in Orlando.  Both are part of the Choice Hotel line, which offers reasonably priced accommodations. We used the high speed internet the first day we were at the first hotel, but the internet was unavailable for the next 3 days.  While I could have  questioned hotel management, I chose not to so my teenagers wouldn’t have an excuse for rushing back to the hotel every day to get online and do what they do everyday at home.  When we moved to our second hotel we discovered the “high speed internet” was so slow we couldn’t even connect in most cases.  The speed never improved in the four days we were there. I chose not to complain for the same reasons.

It was nice to be free of the internet for almost a week.  In an emergency I could have gone to McDonald’s or Burger King, both of which offer free WI-FI. The entire family was offline for most of the week and surprisingly my kids didn’t complain and we all managed to survive without it.

universal-orlando-logoWhile we were in Orlando we went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  I had purchased 2-day tickets online to save money.  When we got to the park on the first day, I stopped and showed my paperwork to a Universal employee standing by the ticket windows to ask whether I needed to get in line.  She told me I would need to exchange my papers for actual tickets.  So we got in line and waited a 1/2 hour only to be told my printouts were my tickets and I hadn’t needed .

None of us were happy to hear this.  My husband, decided it was unacceptable to lose the time just because an employee gave us incorrect instructions.  He demanded to talk to a manager.   In the end we walked away with Express Pass tickets that let us jump to the head of the line on two rides.  The cost to buy an Express Pass which lets you move to the head of the line on all the rides starts at $20 per person per day.  The recompense made to us was more than fair.

So while we had some bad customer service on our trip, in the end they turned into positive experiences.


4 thoughts on “A silver lining in bad service

  1. Important takeaways are customer feedback, conflict resolution and the power of digital media in voicing the experiences delivered by the three service providers. Although, I wonder if other patrons would be as willing to accept and adjust to similar internet inconveniences. I suspect that the internet issues were not exclusive to your family, and wonder if these particular concerns are prevailing and to what length either hotel has moved to resolve them.

  2. When our family goes to the Adirondacks for Vacation, I always call ahead and actually request that the 12″ T.V. be removed prior to our arrival. Cell phone signals are available near one window only. So it’s terribly inconvienient for anyone to use them (to any great degree anyway). No internet is provided in our Cabin either. Children ages: 23, 22, 20, 15, 11 & 10. They, as well as mom & dad, all survive. Every year.

    I secretly always hope for a day of rain too while we’re there. The umbrellas are ready for us. It’s amazing what wonder there is in nature – if we’d simply force ourselves to only see it through something other than a CRT / LED Screen.

    mh- Greece, NY

    • Mark, you are one smart dad!!! My son, the 17 year old, doesn’t own a cell phone and my daughter has one but doesn’t use it a lot because it’s a prepaid one. My kids aren’t as connected as I thought. It’s great that you get the whole family away for a vacation, even with the kids grown up.

      • Michelle ~   Thanks. You’re doing pretty good yourself. If I had my way, the children wouldn’t have those phones either! One thing though, like anything else that costs money, they learn to discern what’s out there re/ costs / options, etc. & what they really, really need (vs “think they need”), as they are paying for it, not us.   I just hope they follow our lead on Cable… neither my sister, brother, nor myself (our my parents / grandparents) have ever had it. At lunch yesterday, I couldn’t believe, for example, how many (2 or 3) at our very small lunch table that were actually paying $150.00/ month for it! And it NEVER fails, the statement was heard again: “there’s nothing on (good) to watch though”. End of argument (in our minds anyway).   Yes – scheduling – when 5 have jobs – is a trick indeed. But they all make good efforts on their end to ‘make it happen’. Soon, as one would imagine, we all will go our separate ways when jobs (out of town) / marriage, etc. change things up.   Incidentally, I do recommend Dave Hockey’s Campground: http://southernadirondackpines.com/index.html for a family get – away. We’ve gone there about 5 (?) times. It’s about a 3 hr drive from Greece. He’d give you the “Friends & Family Discount”, too. For example, the Hemlock normally would be $750/ wk, we get it for $640. $80/ per person/ day: not bad for a memorable Summer Vacation!    Keep up the good work on the Blog ~   ~ Regards, Mark

          When the Government is afraid of the people, you have Liberty. When the people are afraid of the Government, you have Tyranny.

        – Thomas Jefferson

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