Birth of an addict

I’ve always loved word games.  I grew up playing Scrabble and doing crosswords and word find puzzles. As I grew older, games took a back seat to other priorities and hobbies.

A couple of years ago I found Words with Friends on Facebook and started playing games with my connections.  But the pace of the games was pretty glacial, extending over days and weeks and most of my friends were not as into it as I was.  So I stopped playing after a while.

wordheroA few months ago, my good friend Steve gave me a Kindle Fire for my birthday.  I went shopping for free apps, the best kind.  And one of the first ones I found was WordHero.

WordHero is multi-player, realtime word find game similar to Boggle.  You have to spot 3-letter or longer words in a 4×4 grid of letters.  The letters have to touch each other to be made into a word.  At the end of each round you find out how many words you’ve located out of all possible words and how well you scored compared to all potential points.  Usually you’re doing good if you find 10% or more of the words (yes 10%!)

The fun part of the game is playing against people from around the world,letting you see how you stack up compared to others. The more people playing the harder it is to score in the top 20% or better, but it always gives you something to shoot for.  I like to play in the early morning when there are less players.  My scores have been good enough to raise me from the Silver league, which is where you start, to the tougher Gold league.

Each round takes about 3 minute ( 2 minutes 25 seconds to play,15 seconds to presents your individual stats, 15 seconds listing all participants scores and ranking)  which is where I get in trouble. I’ll turn on my Kindle with the intention to play 2-3 rounds (shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes).  My problem is I can’t just play 2 or 3 rounds.  Before you know it I’ve played 5 and there goes 15 minutes or more.  I’ve had to limit myself and in some cases not even start to play because I know I’ll have a hard time stopping.  My husband claims I play the game all the time which is not true!  (only when I have 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 minutes…)

I’m trying to be careful about how often I play on my Kindle and when, even though I’m pretty sure this game is good exercise for my brain.  I’m convinced this is how video game addicts are born. I have to finish writing this post so I can fit in a few rounds….


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