The Windows 8 upgrade from hell

We bought a laptop right before the holidays with the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8 for a reasonable $15.  While I wasn’t planning on upgrading right away I wanted to make sure I ordered it before the Jan 31, 2013 deadline.

So on the evening of Jan 13 I went to the designated website and placed my order. About ten minutes into the process, after entering my payment info, a cryptic error was displayed. I decided to try and place my order in the morning when the system would hopefully be less busy.  The next morning I was able to successfully place my order.  I received an email with my product code and downloaded the software onto DVDs for future installation.

At the end of the month I received my Discover card statement and noticed I had been billed twice.  Thus begins the saga of my attempt to get a refund for the failed purchase:

  • 2/3  Called Microsoft Store to report the problem. Requested refund for purchase #1
  • 2/5 Received email from MS Store requesting confirmation of cancellation of order #2
  • 2/9 Called Store to report they were cancelling wrong order. Told me they had to wait until order #1 was completed until they could cancel it.  Try calling back tomorrow.
  • 2/10 Called Store and gentleman also told me couldn’t cancel order #1 because it hadn’t yet completed processing
  • 2/12 Called Store yet again and told me to wait 5 business days to call back when they should be able to resolve
  • 2/19 Called Store.  Same old, same old.
  • 2/24 Called Store.  Gentleman said he would escalate problem.
  • 3/1 Received email from Doug, a MS Store Escalations-Resolve Team member saying he would be working on my issue.
  • 3/3 Received phone call from Doug clarifying what I was trying to do (cancel both orders? NO…just first order)
  • 3/4 Received email from MS Store requesting confirmation of cancellation of order #2…NO!!!!  Received email from Doug asking if I had received the cancellation notice. I sent an email back expressing my disappointment that once again they got it wrong.
  • 3/6 Received email from Doug who explained that since the first order never completed they couldn’t issue a refund for it and had to issue the refund for the second order instead.  The first order did have a product key, which he sent me, so my issue was finally resolved.

At one point my husband told me I should just drop it, since we were only talking about $15, but for me it was the principle of the matter. Microsoft’s order system should never have charged my credit card until the order was successful. The fact that Microsoft couldn’t handle a refund for an order that was incomplete baffles me and I was disgusted with the number of phone calls and emails it took to finally get my issue resolved.


4 thoughts on “The Windows 8 upgrade from hell

  1. To think you were working with live people in a computer firm, that’s the service you would expect from working with machines. Having said that sometimes working with machines is more satisfying.

    • I agree Dan. It was sort of like Groundhog’s Day (the movie) where I kept having to start over explaining what happened and got the same response on my first 3-4 phone calls. It was very frustrating.

  2. When I read things like this I am reminded just exactly why I love purchasing things from a brick & mortar store. With cash. Done. I buy on line as little as humanly possible. Thanks for the reminder:)

  3. For the most part I love the convenience of buying online. Luckily there aren’t many experiences like this one Mark.

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