What’s your equation for health?

I’ve fallen down on the job this week. I usually make it a point to post my blog by Monday of every week.  Occasionally I’ve let it slip to Tuesday.  This week it’s getting written on Wednesday.  A week ago I hurt my back (probably just pulled a muscle), which led to me getting a cold.  Between the two of them I’ve had a very low level of energy.

Once I got hurt last week I knew I was going to get sick.  It never fails that when I mess with my usual combination of things that keep me healthy, I was destined to get sick.  The cold had been going around my house for weeks and I wasn’t even getting a sniffle…until the back injury.

I have determined my formula for what keeps me healthy.

health = exercise + good nutrition + sleep – stress

If I can keep up a healthy schedule of exercise (3 times a week), eat a variety of foods including lots of fruits and vegetables, get a good nights sleep (7-8 hours) and have minimal stress, I can stay healthy.  Whenever one of the factors gets way out of whack or two of them get a little out of whack, I invariably get sick. A lot of times this happens during the holidays when I may not be able to make it to the gym as often and I partake in all the holiday food.  Or it happens when I’m on vacation and can’t fit real exercise in and eat a lot of unhealthy foods.

There’s a correlation between the factors so that if one starts to change it impacts the others: if stress increases then that usually impacts my sleep and I may make poor choices when it comes to eating.  My back injury has impacted my ability to exercise and get a good night’s sleep so I was doomed to get sick from the get go.

My sister Andrea claims that ever since she started eating lots of onions and garlic she rarely gets sick.  She’s a big bike rider in the summer, easily logging 30-40 miles on weekend days. I don’t think my family would appreciate me ingesting lots of those veggies given how pungent they can be.

I’m working on getting well enough so I can get back into a limited exercise regime, which should put me back on the road to health.  Hopefully I can start to sleep better which will also speed my recovery.

Have you figured out what your formula is for staying healthy?


3 thoughts on “What’s your equation for health?

  1. I started working out from home with p90x back in December, and it is my 1st step into the equation you have listed above… I have also been doing my best to remove stress and eat better… small steps over all, in place of major changes, so they become part of my normal life and not fad. The same company that makes p90x has a ton of other workouts and add-ons too!

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