Everyday People

I’m a reality TV fan.  I’ve been watching Survivor for years.  I have also watched American Idol since the first season (though I’m really starting to lose interest).  I watched the last two seasons of Amazing Race and right now I’m watching the Biggest Loser.  Ninety percent of the shows I watch are reality based.

I was trying to figure out why I’m so attracted to this kind of programing. I’ve determined I’m really inspired by seeing ordinary, everyday people aspire to achieve their dreams.  Whether it’s a singer on the Voice or a chef on Chopped, I am fascinated by the personal stories of these people and the ideas that drive them to reach for their dreams.

Haan HS20

Haan HS20

I’m also inspired by articles in newspapers or magazines of people with a passion.  More magazine recently featured the story of Romi Haan, the founder of Haan Corporation which makes steam cleaners for the home.  It took years, but Haan eventually became successful in her endeavor. I’m impressed by her perseverance.  The book, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, documented the disastrous results of people driven to climb Mount Everest.  While I have zero desire to climb a mountain, I was fascinated by the determination of these people to achieve their goals.

While I don’t have my own big dreams I am fascinated by others who do.   I relate better to someone with a dream than I do to a celebrity. That’s my excuse for watching so much reality television.  What’s yours?

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