I recently received an email from Amazon telling me about their new AutoRip service.  In fact Amazon had placed high quality MP3 versions of 17 CD’s I had purchased since 2007 onto my Amazon Cloud Drive.  The problem was that I no longer own all of those CD’s.

A few of the CD’s (Jonas Brothers, Alvin and the Chipmunks soundtrack) were ones my daughter wanted and which she quickly got over so they were swapped or sold long ago. Another, the Million Dollar Quartet soundtrack, was a gift for a friend.  Since I was going to give it to her directly, I didn’t indicate that it was a gift when I purchased it.  Per the terms and conditions, AutoRip will not be included for orders which contain gift items.  I went through the MP3s on my cloud and deleted the ones I no longer own.

Not all CD purchases on Amazon are eligible for AutoRip.  Items have to be sold by Amazon, and not one of the Marketplace sellers.  You also need to have a US address.  If an item is eligible for AutoRip it will display the autoripAutoRip symbol (shown to the right) in the listing.

I’m excited about this new feature of Amazon’s.  It saves me the trouble of ripping my CD’s since I can just download them from my cloud player.  I don’t pay for space on my Cloud drive, and these MP3s don’t count towards my free space. I probably wouldn’t have uploaded these songs to my cloud drive but I like having them there.  I got an Amazon Kindle Fire late last year and now I can listen to those CD’s on it.

When I’m in the market to buy a CD, I will definitely put Amazon at the top of my list to consider.


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