Why I Don’t Make Resolutions

I know a lot of people start off the new year, resolving to change their ways.  Lose 10 pounds.  Cut back on spending.  Eat healthier. Pay off their debt.

I don’t like to make new year’s resolutions. I know very few people who succeed with their resolutions. I read recently that fewer than 15% of people are successful with their resolutions. That’s a horrible rate.  Why would I try something that I’ll likely fail at?

I’m more about setting mini, short term goals; goals that are easily accomplished.  If I want to eat healthier, I might set a goal to drink one calorie-laden beverage a week for the month of January.  If I want to exercise more I might make it a point to walk during lunch at least once a week during the winter or make it to at least one spin class a week.Setting achievable goals is much more satisfying. I am more apt to achieve my mini goals and feel good about having done so. This motivates me to set additional mini goals and improve upon my achievements.

Sometimes things happen that get in the way of reaching our goals.  Maybe we get sick or we have to work overtime and we can’t find the time to get to the gym.   Those roadblocks are just temporary.  Once you realize you’ve been detoured, reset your goals. Don’t lose sleep over some missed goals. Keep moving on.

What small steps can you take this month to put you on the road to achieving your ambitions?


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