Will Penneys sink or swim?

I love J.C. Penney’s new bold, vibrant print ads which serve as eye candy for someone with an eye for fashion.  I just wish the store lived up to the promise shown in those ads.

I’ve always shopped at Penney’s, finding it had a good variety of items at reasonable prices.  I didn’t realize that major change was in the works until I shopped there one day and found the entire store to be strangely “empty” of merchandise.  The television ads I saw later explained Penney’s new approach: Fair and Square.

It’s obvious that Penney’s is struggling.  I hope that CEO Ron Johnson knows what he’s doing and they manage to turn it all around. I’m not sure that 80 million coded Christmas buttons will do it (though I’m happy with the $5 and $10 certificates I have won so far).  I have seen more shoppers in the stores recently, so I’m hoping this means that America is starting to “get” this new approach and embrace it.  Of course they could just be interested in getting some free stuff.  I’m also seeing more merchandise to pick from.

I’m really rooting for Penney’s to succeed.  There have been many iconic retailers that passed into posterity in recent years, as well as those who continue to struggle . I’d hate to see J.C. Penney join those ranks.  What do you think will happen?  Will Penney’s sink or swim?

2 thoughts on “Will Penneys sink or swim?

  1. Great post Michele! I think when it comes to department store shopping, U.S. consumers are too entrenched in expecting sales. I think at some point, they’re going to have to back-track and offer sales over (or at least in conjunction with) their Fair and Square everyday low pricing.

    • I agree with you Art. We all like to think we got some great bargain. That’s what drives a lot of people to make purchases they might not otherwise make.

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