Start small on Saturday

If you’re an American Express cardholder, you probably know already know about it from last year.  Once again, American Express has teamed up with Fedex to promote Small Business Saturday.  I’ve seen a lot more ads and promotions for the movement.

This year I made out good since I was lucky enough to get one of the 25,000  $25 AMEX gift cards given away to use at small businesses.  I’m also registered to get a $25 credit for spending that much or more in a single purchase at a qualifying small business on November 24.  (You can register your card here. Act fast as there are a limited number of registrations.  )  If you need help finding qualified businesses, American Express has an interactive map on the Shop Small Saturday site.

I’ll actually be in both Buffalo and Rochester that day so I’ll have a lot of places to choose from.  I’m looking suggestions on where to spend my $50.  What a great way to give back.


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