Save that receipt

I had an interesting experience last month with Best Buy.  In late August I bought an SD card at and had it shipped to my home.  In September, I decided to return the unopened card because I didn’t really need it.  I went to one of the stores in the Buffalo area to return it.  I used the return receipto enter the info in Quicken, where we track all our expenses.  My husband keeps any receipts for returned items until we verify the credit shows up on our statement.  I’ve always thought this was unnecessary.

While reconciling our credit card statement last month, my husband noticed the return credit did not show up.   I figured I might have to go back to the store to get it straightened out.  My husband suggested I call Best Buy’s 800 number instead, but I was leery they’d be able to help, especially since it was Sunday,

I called the customer service line, after navigating through the voice menu I finally found an option to talk to a service rep.  I explained to the first gentleman I talked to that I had bought the item online but returned it in the store.  He quickly passed me off to another person since my problem had to do with an online order. Again I explained my problem to another person.  She told me I’d have to talk to someone in their back office area, and even though it was Sunday, it turns out there were people working there.
When I finally talked to the woman from the back office and explained my problem.  She asked for info from the receipt, and as I looked at it I realized 1) the last 4 digits of the credit card did not match any card I owned and 2) the tax refunded did not match what I had paid and 3) the order number did not match my online order.  After giving her the transaction info on the receipt she confirmed what I was beginning to suspect: the credit for the item had been placed against someone else’s order, onto their credit card.  Before I knew it that last woman was able to refund the money to my credit card, all without me having to set foot in a store.

I was on the phone less than 10 minutes total and walked away completely satisfied by my experience.  Without the receipt I had saved, I would have no way to prove that I really had returned the SD card and I would be out $27.  While I used to think it was silly to keep all those receipts, I now see they might come in handy once in a while. (Though I still want to know how my return turned into a credit for some other customer.)


2 thoughts on “Save that receipt

  1. Michele, I had an eight month survival job selling cameras and then PCs at Best Buy in 2011-12. I am a little surprised that there were so many errors could occur in one transaction. IMHO, having both a wrong order number and a wrong but valid credit card number was unlikely human error but were a programming error.

    That said, one of my more frustrating experiences as a Best Buy employee was dealing with multiple computer systems which were needed for some transaction but did not communicate with each other very well. I concluded that they really needed to throw out their disparate systems and creat a new unified system from scratch. That’s not going to happen.

    • Rick,

      Being a systems person I was trying to figure out how they could have credited the wrong account. One scenario I came up with is they included the wrong packing slip with my order and since that is what I presented when I went to return the item, the credit got applied to the wrong account. The item I ordered was one of their daily deals so I’m guessing there were lots of packages being shipped, all with the same item, and potentially included the wrong slip in my order. I didn’t pay any attention to what the slip said, just that it came with my order.

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