Why you should wear a costume to work

I used to work in an engineering group with a couple of people who were really into Halloween.  One guy would deck out his cubicle with ghostly decor.  One year, he and a couple of others commandeered a lab and turned it into a haunted house that we passed through in darkness, hoping not to get spooked.

There were always people who dressed up for the occasion to get everyone in the mood. One year we even had a department wide costume contest, so management was behind the frivolity.  While I’m not as crazy about Halloween as some of those people, I usually dressed up, for the fun of it.   I have a few costumes that I rotate through over the years so it doesn’t cost me much (these costumes were picked up at garage sales or in after-Halloween clearance sales).

The building I work in with my new employer has a call center, with lots of younger employees.  This group has a tendency to do fun things like dress up for Halloween.  So I decided to join them by dressing up for the occasion.  Last year I dressed up as Spiderella, and was one of the few to do so, but I was OK with that.

Dressed and ready for work (2011)

I plan on dressing up again this year and this is why you should too.  Coming to work in costume will:

  • put a smile on your co-workers and customers’ faces (and your families’ too).  This is one way to give back and make people feel good.
  • make people remember you.  Maybe they never noticed you around the building before, but how could they miss you when you’re dressed up as your favorite TV character.
  • demonstrate your self-confidence.  People will remember that you had the guts to present yourself as out of the ordinary. So what if you are only one of five people in a building of 200 to do it.
  • make you feel good about yourself.  Plus, you’re all dressed up and ready to hand out candy.

Have fun with it.  Just be sure to be sensitive and politically correct about your choice of costume.  This could be your best Halloween ever.


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