The importance of feedback

Have you ever purchased anything on Ebay or from a merchant on Amazon (known as the Amazon Marketplace)? How do you make a decision on which seller to buy from?

If you’re like me, you take into account their seller feedback rating.  Are you more apt to buy from a seller who has a 97% positive average rating over 100 reviews or someone who’s rated 100% over two reviews? I feel more comfortable purchasing from the seller with the lower score.  Why? Because the first vendor completed a significant number of transactions with positive results.

If I feel any concern about dealing with the vendor I’ll look at the negative ratings to see: how old the bad ratings are and what the problems seemed to be.  Many times I can dismiss the bad ratings as insignificant or not relevant to my situation, giving me more confidence about buying from a vendor.  Bad ratings aren’t always justified.

I had my own experience with bad ratings while selling on Amazon, when a customer gave me a 3 out of 5 stars.  I had rated the item condition as “New (a Barbie doll), because it was still new in the package.  The package had a few minor scuffs, which I hadn’t described, so she felt I misrepresented the item, thus the bad rating. I pointed out to her that I hadn’t listed the item in “Collectible” condition.  At that point my perfect seller rating was history. (I’ve learned to always include detailed descriptions of items now, even if they’re new.)

From both a seller and buyer standpoint, I understand the importance of leaving feedback for a transaction, especially when it’s positive.  Many people skip doing this, which is unfair to the seller who’s done a good job.  I’ve made 108 sales on Amazon but only 28 transactions (26%) were rated by my customers. It’s disappointing, especially when I’ve gone out of the way to satisfy the customer. I’ve got a perfect record (828) on Ebay (only about half of which is from selling) which I intend to keep since my perfect score gives people confidence when buying from me.

I strongly encourage you to leave feedback the next time you buy from a vendor.  You’ll be doing them a favor as well as yourself.

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