Food Truck Rodeo

I’ve never heard of a Food Truck Rodeo before, but when I read about it in the Democrat and Chronicle I put out the word to family and friends to see if they wanted to try it out.  The point of the rodeo was to bring together a variety of mobile food stands at the Market on Thursday, June 21, from 5 to 9 p.m.  There was also live music to add to the ambiance.  Everyone accepted my invite.

As we neared the Market it became obvious that many others had also heard about the Rodeo and we’d be better off parking in the lot across from the Union entrance.  We got to try out the new pedestrian bridge over Union, which had opened that morning, making it easier to get from the parking lot into the Market.  It was a beautiful night for an outdoor event.  We quickly browsed the field and positioned ourselves in line to maximize coverage.

The fare offered by the  food vendors was varied:

  • La Petit Poutine – Walked by this but didn’t get close enough to really see what they had to offer.
  • The Sammich Guy– Had Greek offerings which I wasn’t in the mood for so I skipped by.
  • Cheese & Confused – Had some interesting offerings (bacon wrapped tater tots!) and the longest line so I steered clear. If the line had been shorter I would have given it a shot.
  • To-Go Potato – Gourmet Baked Potatoes – By the time we walked by at 6:30, they already had a sign posted saying they were out of potatoes and it would be over an hour until they had more.
  • Tuscan Wood Fired Pizza – We really enjoyed the three pizzas we ordered: pesto/mozzeralla, pepperoni and cheese.  We got them about 5 minutes after we ordered and they were piping hot out of the oven.  We were just disappointed they ran out of the Philly Cheese Steak and Pesto/Mozzarella/Ricotta pizzas when we were third in line to order (Here’s an interesting blog post about this vendor.)
  • Rohrbachs was offering beer and that line was the second longest. The Rodeo was part of Rochester Real Beer Week
  • Lloyd (tacos)- I had heard of them in Buffalo and it turns out they were the only truck from Buffalo.   I got to sample my husband’s burrito and girlfriend Lori’s Tricked Out Nachos and southwest potato salad, all of which were really good.
  • Brownie vendor (didn’t catch the name) but my friend Steve let me sample the two he bought and both were very good.
  • Frozen delights vendor- We bought a few of the frozen desserts which were reasonably priced at $2 for a small cupful, but we weren’t impressed by the flavor of the lime or coconut.

I’m hoping the city runs another rodeo this year and I’ll come better prepared by bringing: folding chairs, table, water and napkins.  I’ll also plan on getting there a lot earlier.


3 thoughts on “Food Truck Rodeo

  1. Hi Michelle, Nick and I also went and found this to be a trial and learn from experience for both the city/sponsors and vendors. They definitely needed more seating and a few more beer vendors. All and all I thought it was fun and a great experience to see all the trucks that were there. B+L also has a mini version of this onsite at our GEHC campus every Thursday. I will say this much, all vendors need to find a quicker process for moving the lines faster if they want this to catch on. As for the public market venue, Lloyd’s was the best for service, food and price $$. We also tried the BBQ meatballs wrapped in Bacon from the BBQ vendor. Those were a great little starter!

    • I completely agree with you Lisa about the vendors coming better prepared next time to deal with the large crowds and find a way to speed up the lines. Maybe next time they should have extra help. Steve F was there with me and he visited the brownie truck twice only because there was no line as all their food required was to be handed out. And while I was waiting in line to order a pizza he and I were going to share, he got a cheeseburger at the burger/hot dog truck which had a line that moved much faster

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