Let the countdown begin

In April I got a flyer from a neighbor announcing a neighborhood garage sale at the end of June.  It’s been three years since I hosted a sale so I’m ready. I’d be stupid to pass up an opportunity like this.  I have lots of work to do to get prepped.

This past weekend I bought out three totes (yes I know I bought way too many) of Polly Pockets and accessories for my daughter to sort into semblances of the original sets.  I’ve been prodding her to find other items she’s ready to get rid of and she’s motivated because she’ll get to keep the proceeds.

I’ve been re-posting items on Craigslist , Ebay and Amazon in the hopes they’ll sell at higher than garage sale prices.  (I netted $28 on Amazon selling a Tiffen Circular Polarizer that I couldn’t sell for $8 at my sale three years ago.) I’ve been affixing price tags on clothing, old games, toys, CDs, video games, anything I’m ready to get rid of.  I hate going to a garage sale where things aren’t priced.  Luckily I had picked up some new price tags at the dollar store back in March.  I’ve also been grouping like items (books, CDs, etc.) to make it easier when I setup for the sale.  I have bright yellow paper to print some pricing signs (Books $1 or 6/$5).  I also started a tote for FREE items to entice people to get out of their cars and check out my sale.

My neighbor is taking responsibility for advertising the sale so I don’t have to worry about signs and such but I will still post an individual ad for my garage sale on Craigslist in order to drive as much traffic as a I can. I need to line up extra tables so we can have as much elevated surface area to work with.  I’m planning on using our pop up canopy to offer shelter to items outside the garage.

I’ve still got lots to do but I feel like I’ve made good progress.  Only 17 days left…


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