Good-bye Kodak Gallery

On July 2, 2012, Kodak Gallery is shutting its doors.  Unless you’ve been under a rock you’ve probably heard the news that Kodak sold the business to Shutterfly.  While I never worked on the Gallery while employed with Kodak, I was a customer for a number of years.

Prior to Facebook, Kodak EasyShare software made it easy to upload pictures to the Gallery and share them with friends or easily order pictures.  As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve used Gallery Albums for years to showcase products I’m selling.  Now I need to decide whether to continue using Shutterfly to host my pictures or some other photo site.

Kodak Gallery

Here’s a really wonderful Kodak Gallery commercial that I only recently saw.  It promises such hope for the future. While I’d like to think the Gallery will be missed by many, I know there are many other similar sites to take its place.
***** RIP Kodak Gallery *****


8 thoughts on “Good-bye Kodak Gallery

  1. When I received the email about my Gallery account getting converted to a Shutterfly account, I opted out of the automatic conversion. I want to be in control over who has my information, and I just don’t like the idea of my complete Gallery history being sold to a 3rd party. For now, I will stick with my Flickr account for photo sharing. It’s not quite as flexible as the old Gallery account, but allows some level of control over who can see what pictures. The nice thing about the Kodak Gallery was that you could share every album with a different group of people, I still have to find a tool that makes that as easy as the Gallery.

    • Repeating this from a prior thread, I’ve found to be far more flexible than the Kodak gallery. I moved my pix 3 years ago. is no free, but it is reasonable.

      (I loved that commercial too.)

      • I’ve never heard of smugmug. I’ll have to check it out.

        I have used Shutterfly in the past year and there are things I like and dislike about it.

        Likes: 1) they automatically imprint the date taken on the back of pics (I hate having to figure out when a picture was taken) 2) they have a great selection of cards and they look really nice. I’ve done more card printing with them recently than picture printing. 3) They offer some good deals, like the $10 off $10 (though you will have to pay for shipping).

        Dislikes: 1) image quality on their prints is not as good as it could be 2) when I uploaded pics that had been captioned the captions didn’t seem to come with the pics 3) high shipping costs though I think I saw somewhere that you can pick up picks at Target, CVS, etc to avoid those charges.

    • Karl Heinz
      I agree that having the ability to share photos with different groups of people was nice. I’m sure the photo sites will continue to evolve and offer different services over time.

  2. I started when it was Ofoto. I converted most of my family to use Kodak Gallery. I hope the shutterfly takes good care of use and our images. I am disapointed that there has been on emails from Shutterfly to welcome us and provide some information of what services they offer.

    • Larry
      Thanks for reminding me that Kodak Gallery was once Ofoto. It seems so long ago. I agree that it’s surprising there has been no contact from Shutterfly so far. It’s possible they may not be allowed to contact us until the deal closes.

  3. Picasa is free and really easy…not sure about “control” issues but I just saw a gallery with sale items on it. I just wonder how I go about BUYING something??? How do people pay you, etc? I left a comment on the item about how to buy it…its free classified I guess…hard to find things though unless you know exactly what you want. Thanks!

    • Carol

      I just started using Picasa in order to host my gallery of pictures for the various items I’m selling. I was using Kodak Gallery and am slowly moving over to Picasa because it’s not clear to me whether my captions will come over. I really like Picasa and find it easy to use and I like how the pics show on the web albums.

      I cannot see any comments on my pictures on either the Kodak Gallery site or Picasa Web albums so I’m not sure where you were looking. I would have thought I’d be notified when a comment was left. Assuming you don’t live in WNY and want an item shipped to you, I can accept payment through Paypal. Feel free to contact me at


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