Hikes & bikes

As a part of Rochester’s 2012 Flower City Looking Good Series, the city has partnered with MVP Health Care to offer Tuesday Cycling Nights and Thursday Hiking Nights.  Both events run every week, June through August, and depart at 6pm.  I was excited to read about these events, which let you get to know the city better while benefiting your health. How can you go wrong?

The Tuesday Cycling tours (helmets required) run from 9 to 17 miles and explore various areas of the city, such as:

  • High Falls
  • Genesee Valley Park
  • Seneca & Turning Point Park
  • Maplewood
  • Neighborhood of the Arts
  • Park Ave & East Ave
  • Charlotte & Lake Ontario Parkway trail
  • Lake Ontario Parkway & 390 trails
  • Mount Hope Cemetery
  • Corn Hill
  • South Wedge
  • Sea Breeze

The Thursday hikes explore a few different areas, including many of the city parks :

  • Turning Point Park
  • Village of Charlotte
  • Charlotte lakefront
  • Lower & Middle Falls
  • El Camino Trail
  • Seth Green Drive
  • Lake Ave cemeteries
  • Genesee Valley Park
  • Brooks Landing
  • Jones Park
  • Seneca Park
  • Pulaski Park
  • Downtown Heritage Trail

You can get a full copy of the 2012 Flower City Looking Good brochure here.


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