Crave local restaurants

I recently blogged about the local restaurant week in western NY which was sparsely participated in by Rochester restaurants.  Last week I heard about a different local restaurant promotion in Rochester being championed by Palmer Food Services.  Their event runs Friday, April 20 through Sunday, April 29, giving you two full weekends to sample fare.  Check their web page for a list of participating locations.

On a side note, the Mighty Taco in Henrietta is now open!


3 thoughts on “Crave local restaurants

  1. Michele,

    Palmer Food Services, AKA “crave local restaurants” is in direct and intentional trademark violation with our mark, “Crave Local”, as owned by, and in use publicly since 2010. To avoid being included in any future legal ramifications, we request that you remove this post immediately, as well as any other links to CraveLocalRestaurants (dot) com.

    Please conduct yourself accordingly, and we appreciate your assistance in this matter.

    Kevin Rosen
    CEO, Crave Local

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