You can opt out

Last month I received my Frontier telephone books, as well as my Yellow Pages. In this internet age I don’t have much use for them.  In trading comments with friends  on Facebook I realized there were others like me, who were putting the new books right in the recycle bin.   We lamented we didn’t have an option to prevent them from being delivered.  It turns out we were wrong.

I found an article on the 13 WHAM website that explains you can contact Frontier to opt out of receiving the books.  Here’s a link to Frontier’s opt out option, so you can let Frontier know you don’t want them in the future.


3 thoughts on “You can opt out

  1. … But the Yellow Pages have lots and lots of pizza and restaurant coupons – some of which don’t show up in other venues.

    • There are many people who don’t use the coupons so they can opt out. We’ve cut some of the coupons out in the past but I’m not sure whether we’ve really use them. I’m not saying everyone should opt out, only those who find no use for the phone books.

  2. Aargh, you are so right. I wish I would have known before.

    Okay doing it now so I don’t get them next time. Saving the future trees, considering the same information is already available on the internet, is an easy good thing to do.

    Thanks for the post Michele.

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