This is the week to visit a local restaurant

Starting tomorrow, March 26, you’ll find local restaurants across western NY offering great deals. Local Restaurant Week started in this area three years ago with 60 restaurants and had over 200 participate last year.  The majority of restaurants are located in Buffalo but there are a number in the Rochester area, as well as towns in between.

Most restaurants offer a specific dinner deal for $20.12. I had friends visit me in Buffalo last year during restaurant week and we went to Campobello‘s in E. Amherst, which offered a 3-course meal for two people for $20!  (They’re offering the same deal again this year.) The food was great and it was a great value. 

You have until next Sunday, April 1, to explore some new locations and cuisine.  Check out the Local Restaurant Week website to search for restaurants by location and see the deals they’re offering.


2 thoughts on “This is the week to visit a local restaurant

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