Don’t recycle that magazine!

Do you buy magazines or have subscriptions to some of your favorites?  I’m more of a book reader than a magazine reader, but there are a few I subscribe to.

What do you do with your magazines when you’re done? If you throw them in the garbage or recycle them that’s the wrong answer.

There’s still lots of life left in a magazine after it’s been read by the original owner.  All of my subscriptions are earmarked for a second reader: More goes to my friend Lori, Family Circle goes to my sister Joanne and my PC Worlds go to my friend Steve.  We file our Consumer Reports in our collection for future reference and Money is still in my husband’s to-read pile.

Occasionally I’ll end up with an extra copy of one of my magazines or I’ll come into another magazine i need to find a new home for when I’m done.  There are many options to consider.  Besides handing magazines down to family and friends you can try to following:

  • Drop them in the magazine rack at the gym
  • Leave them in the cafeteria at work
  • Give them to a co-worker
  • See if your child’s art teacher or school could use them
  • Drop them in a doctor’s office waiting room
  • See if there is a scout troop that could use them for a project
  • Post them in the Free Stuff on Craigslist
  • Give them away at a garage sale
  • Or if you’re the creative type try one of these

    100+ Ways to Creatively Reuse Old Magazines

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