Make the best of Netflix streaming

Based on some of my previous posts regarding Netflix (60% Price Increase?! Give me a break! and Is it another nail in their coffin?), people feel strongly about the company.  Despite the price increase, many of us stuck with them because it’s still one of the best deals out there. If you’ve switched over to an Unlimited Streaming only plan like I have or you are still getting both DVDs and streaming you might find a recent article on PC World‘s website helpful.

How to Get the Most From Your Netflix Streaming Subscription offers some options to consider.  I found the information on the second page of the article to be more useful than the first.  I can see myself visiting the instantwatcher website frequently to help me locate new additions to the Netflix Instant catalog.


3 thoughts on “Make the best of Netflix streaming

  1. I just started using Netflex which gave me a month of free service. Thanks for the note on price increases, I will be on the lookout.

    • Ruth
      The price increases went into effect last fall. The current rate of $7.99 as far as I know is not changing anytime soon.

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