My LinkedIn’s been lopped off

Returning to work after the holidays I noticed that LinkedIn had been added to the list of Internet sites blocked by my employer.  I was kind of surprised.  I felt that LinkedIn in was a useful tool for me in my job.

My previous employer had a pretty liberal internet access policy, usually only blocking porn and gambling sites.  I’m still amazed they allowed employees to access Facebook during work hours.  However, this is a company that believes heavily in social media.  They promote their employee blogs and even employ a Chief Listener.

I know some people are very active on LinkedIn, posting frequent status updates and connecting with people at all times of the day.  Some people perceive LinkedIn as a business-oriented networking site, not far removed from Facebook. They feel it should be banned from the workplaces, along with all other social media sites.  My most active connections on LinkedIn tend to be the unemployed and business owners.

My employer blocks blogs, which can be frustrating when I’m trying to solve a technical issue with MS Project or Excel and the answer I’m seeking is in a blog that I can’t access.  I work for a financial institution and I understand the need to be sure employees are using their internet access wisely.

I found LinkedIn useful at my workplace because it allows me to look up people I am working with and get a feel for their background.  We had issues last year with a vendor Project Manager and LinkedIn was able to tell me that he had only been employed with that company a year, which explained why he didn’t seem to know the product very well.  We have been hiring lots of employees, contractors and consultants so I find it  helpful to understand where these people were previously employed and in what capacity.

I tried not to abuse the privilege of having access to LinkedIn.  I saved my  “networking” on LinkedIn for the evening hours, when I wasn’t at work but I would occasionally log in during the day to see the activity of others.  I see LinkedIn as a business tool and was disappointed to lose access to it at work.  I realize I can still do many of these things at home but I’m less apt to. I’m sure some of the sales employees are also sad to lose access from work.

I’m curious to hear about other companies’ policies when it comes  to LinkedIn.  Do you have access to LinkedIn at work?  Do you use it?  What do you find it most useful for?  Obviously my employer felt it was enough of an issue that they blocked it altogether.


4 thoughts on “My LinkedIn’s been lopped off

  1. Hi Michele,

    I’ve also been frustrated by site-blocking at work. Many of the best sources of code and tech knowledge are on blogs.

    In the I.T. dept, they’ve been really good about opening things up for me on the grounds that it serves a business need. Put in a request to open blogs and see where it goes.

    Also, I noticed that when I use Chrome or FireFox to browse the web it gets blocked much less frequently than IE (shhhh).

    • Denis

      The good news is that LinkedIn seems to no longer be blocked as of last week. I’m not sure what process is used to determine which sites should be blocked/unblocked. I’m going to keep digging on this so I can understand the logic that’s being used to decide to block a site.


  2. I recently re-joined Linkedin and most of my business associates are also on-board. I deleted Facebook as too social, but I have made several important business connections with Linkedin. It is all in how you use it. If you can show your employer how your contacts on Linkedin benefit your job, he should have no objections. I certainly wouldn’t.

    • Thomas
      I agree that LinkedIn can be a useful professional tool. Shortly after I wrote this blog, LinkedIn was no longer blocked at work. Someone must have made the case with the powers to be.

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