Don’t forget your digital library

I’m sure a lot of you got new electronic devices for gifts these holidays and are now looking for items to listen to or read on them. The price of audiobooks and ebooks can add up quick.  It might be time to visit your Digital Library if you got a new Kindle, Nook, tablet or cellphone.

I first started listening to audiobooks  on my Zune about 2 years ago when I started my long commute to my new job.  My local library branch has lots of audiobooks on CD and cassette tape but I get my audiobooks from the Download Library on the Monroe County Library website.  The great thing about the Download library is that you can check out audiobooks from the comfort of your own home. You qill still need an active library card to check out items online.

In the last two years I listened to just over 70 audiobooks from the library.  I found some really good ones and thought I’d share these recommendations with others so they have a place to start.  These are all the audiobooks I rated a 5 (out of 5).



I’d love to hear about other audiobooks or ebooks that you’ve enjoyed.


2 thoughts on “Don’t forget your digital library

  1. I have had a Nook for a couple of years and have checked out digital e-books through Rochester’s digital library. Yes, it’s true that not every book you could possibly want to read is out there. I read a newspaper article recently that said the library cannot get licenses from some publishing houses for e-books, and so you might not see some of the current popular books there for this reason. And the licenses are expensive so the library can only afford so many to go around, thus limiting the number of copies of an e-book. But this is no different than walking into a library and looking for a popular book on the shelves – they may be already checked out and you have to put your name on the waiting list. It is still a great free resource for e-book readers. And I agree with Michele that given time, the library will do its best to expand the selection of e-books.

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