I switched

In my blog I’ve consistently recommended and promoted Planet Fitness (PF) as a good value.  It’s hard to beat the $10/month or $100/year price. But my PF membership doesn’t do me any good on the nights I’m in Buffalo, which are two of the three times per week I work out.

This summer I scored a Groupon to the Buffalo Athletic Club (BAC), 3 months for $33.  I’ve worked out at the BAC before.  I belonged to the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC) for many year.  When I visited my family in Buffalo I would use the BAC facilities there since my membership allows me to visit any RAC or BAC.

Then they built a new YMCA on the west side of Rochester.  My husband and I wanted to give our kids access to a facility that would allow them to swim and be more active.  For a period of time I belonged to both the RAC and YMCA, but it all added up to a lot of money and so I dropped my RAC membership, even though I had locked in a $25/month for life rate and I loved the club.  After a while my kids lost interest in going to the Y and so did my husband.  So in early 2009 when I lost my job, it was a no-brainer to drop the YMCA membership and move to PF.

When my three month membership  with the BAC was up I didn’t join because they didn’t offer me the right deal.  I’ve belonged to gyms for 30+ years and I know how they work.  I knew I could bide my time and there would be future deals and one of them would hopefully meet my criteria.  Sure enough, about 6 weeks letter, the RAC contacted me and made me a deal that let me lock in $30/year right off the bat.  I did pay a joining fee for the first year but I was happy with the rate since it’s important to me to invest in my health. I chose to prepay for the first year at a 10% discount, effectively bringing my price down to $27/month.

I love being back at the RAC and BAC and being able to choose from the many classes, including spinning, Pilates and step since I sometimes need someone pushing me.  I also like the ability to go to any of the clubs when I feel like it.  It’s like coming home.


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