BF season has officially started

One of my favorite times of year is here: Black Friday! This year Black Friday (BF) is on November 25th, so we’ve still got over five weeks to plan.  I realize that BF is not for everyone but for people like me who love a good deal (for something you need or were planning on buying anyway) it really gets the heart pumping.

Let me set everyone clear: I’m not one of those crazy people who stand in line for hours waiting for the store to open or fight my way through crowds to get the last item.  I’ve always been about the convenience.  We live 2 miles from a Kmart and Target so if I go in the store when they first open on Friday and they have the item I want great. I’m not going to fret about it if they don’t.  I will not stand in line.  I will get there just as the store is opening.   I also try to see which BF bargains I can find on retailer’s website on Thanksgiving Day.  The last few years I didn’t even have to set foot in Best Buy to get my deals because I was able to order items online and have them delivered.

The last few years we weren’t in the market for much but this year we’re planning on replacing a bunch of the items we had stolen, such as my camera, some video games and game systems and tools.

I got an email on Saturday from informing me they had posted the first Black Friday ad scan of 2011, from Harbor Freight.  Harbor Freight is one of my husband’s favorite stores and a great place to buy inexpensive tools. is one of many Black Friday sites, and my favorite.  Today they posted the Ace Hardware ad scan.  Since I’m not into tools I’m not too excited…yet.  I know the excitement will build over the next few weeks. also has a Hot Deals page where they post great deals from around the internet year round.  I try to check it once a day.  The daily deals are going to get better as we approach BF and the holidays.

Here are some good tips for a successful BF: 18 tips to having a killer Black Friday.  My suggestion is to register with one of the Black Friday websites and start making a list of the items you’re hoping to snag.  Just don’t get too hung up on any deals because you might not get them.

3 thoughts on “BF season has officially started

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