Calling all zombies

A zombified me

Last year I read about the Rochester Zombie Walk in the City Newspaper.  My daughter and I thought we’d try it out and we had a blast. We’re excited for this year’s event: Zombies Care, which starts next Sunday at the Hungerford Building (@1115 E. Main St).

Zombies Care, a family-friendly event, is organized by Sabra Wood, the founder of Sample Soap. Sample Soap collects personal care items and distributes them to the neediest citizens of the Greater Rochester area.  Her charity collects unopened soaps, shampoos, lotions, sewing kits, diapers, cosmetics – any toiletries. I’ve volunteered at a few ROC City Roller Derby matches to collect items for Sample Soap.  As Sabra says: “We don’t want your money, just your unused toiletries.”

People attending the Zombie Walk are asked to donate items in exchange for being made into Zombies.  I collected quite a few items to donate while we were on our road trip.

After eating donuts and cider at 10am, the zombification process will start.  Makeup artists will turn you into a zombie or you can come in your own makeup.  At 11am the Zombies will walk over to the Public Market and invade the Annual Artist Row event. It’s no fun being a Zombie if you don’t get to mix with humans.

Note: If you can’t attend, but would like to donate items, check out the Sample Soap website for a list of drop-off sites.


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