A Sweet Ending

Kendra on Fahrenheit

Last week we ended our 18 day road-trip with a visit to Hershey Park.  It was literally a sweet ending to our long journey.

We spent a beautiful day at the park walking from roller coaster to roller coaster to wait for our 13-year old daughter to ride Fahrenheit ( which ascends 121 feet before plummeting down a 97-degree drop), Sidewinder (similar to Darien Lake’s Boomerang) and her favorite, Storm Runner (which launches you from 0-72 mph in 2 seconds flat) .  My 16-year old son and I are both height-challenged and my husband’s not up for anything that goes upside down.  We did ride the Trailblazer with her since it’s tame enough for even small children to ride.

Two years ago we ended our summer with a quick vacation to Hershey Park, which helped break up my year of unemployment.  Last year we stopped in Hershey to visit Chocolate World, on our way for a short trip to Philadelphia and Washington DC.  If you visit Harrisburg or Hershey then you should stop at Chocolate World. Both times we stopped at the Cocoa Diner for a meal.  It’s now a tradition for us to eat at the Cocoa Diner if we’re in the vicinity. My favorite dish is the Cocoa Grill Omelet which has crab and broccoli and is covered with Hollandaise sauce.  Yum!

I think we were too tired to enjoy our trip to Hershey Park as much as we had in the past, but Chocolate World and the Cocoa Diner lived up to their memories.

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